What a great time to own a 3D CBCT

In the past few years CBCT has begun to become more and more affordable for implant dentists in the UK. For dentists wanting to be able to produce a drilling guide, there have been many options, and again these option have been getting more affordable. This month the good people at Blue Sky Plan have announced they are making all Dicom to STL conversions free of charge. (Not including the actual guide)

This is great news for CBCT owners. If you have any CBCT bought from 360 Visualise you can now scan an impression with your machine, be it a Carestream CS9000 3D, CS8100 3D, CS9300 3D, or a Planmeca ProMax.

You can then convert this high resolution dicom data and convert it to STL. You can then use this file to 3D print your digital model. You want to do this to create a practice jaw, you may want to invert the scan of a traditional impression, effectively allowing it to be “poured” into a digital model to be printed. You can add bases to models that might otherwise be inpossible to print.

Or even to export digital wax ups and digital tooth setups. All now completely free.

With the new 3D printer from Planmeca (Creo 5) due to be launched in the next few months, there really hasn’t been a better time to take your dentistry digital. For more information on CBCT, IO Scanning, 3D printing and Blue Sky Plan contact 360 Visualsie on 01943 601222