Benefits of financing your scanner:

Minimal Down Payment

Financing equipment on a fixed term fixed rate basis allows you to acquire the equipment that you need, whilst spreading the cost over a longer term. This can help provide a net cash contribution to your practice from the outset. Why pay one lump sum when you can spread the cost and increase practice profits?

Cash is king and it makes sense to preserve precious cash and instead use it for future expansion or other critical business needs. Put away your hard earned money and let us pay for it.
Tax Savings
With a finance lease arrangement all payments made are 100% tax allowable as an expense for tax relief often providing savings.
Each monthly repayment is fully deductable as a practice operating expense making the total amount (Interest and Capital) repaid fully deductable over the term of the agreement.
Lease Purchase
The total cost of the equipment including any interest charges are fully deductible in this tax year and the interest is fully deductible over the term of the agreement. (This 100% deductibility is currently allowable for Capital expenditure up to £200,000.00 per year).
Fixed Rates
All of our agreements are provided on a fixed rate unsecured basis and can usually be arranged within a couple of hours. Additionally we do not rely on computerized decision making processes. We speak to our clients and our Funders.

    Please select your payment method. We can invoice the practice and you can pay via BACs of Credit card. Or we can arrange finance over 3, 5, or 7 years.