CS7200 Intra Oral Xray



Comes with 4 x Size 2 (Bitewing Plates) Also available are size 0, and 1 Plates are robust and should last around 1000 cycles


Compared to D speed film digital x-ray can reduce the dose to your patients by upto 50%


Simple one touch technology, the same chairside workflow as film, no cables, extremely comfortable for your patient.


The 360 Visualise price we quote is the price you pay and includes installation training and a full 2-year​ parts labour warranty.

CS 7200 Imaging Plate System overview

The CS 7200 is Carestream Dental’s ultra-compact imaging plate system that delivers leading image quality. The slim design and the quiet scanning of the unit are ideal for chairside use and the system features a familiar film-like workflow, which paves the way for practices looking to transition to digital in a cost-effective manner.

Exceptional Image Quality in Less Time: With 17 line pairs/mm true resolution, the CS 7200 delivers images that are among the highest resolution available in just eight seconds for fast, confident diagnoses every time. New image processing delivers sharp, optimised contrast and low noise images. Pre-programmed anatomic filters, including endodontic, periodontic and dentin-enamel junction filters, enhance image contrast according to diagnostic needs with one click. Also, three scanning modes allow the user to give priority to either speed or resolution to best match diagnostic needs.

Thin, Flexible Plates: The CS 7200 features flexible and comfortable plates—available in sizes 0, 1 and 2—that are ideal for daily intraoral indications such as periapical, bitewing and paediatric exams. These durable, scratch-resistant plates require no chemicals and can be used hundreds of times, therefore, eliminating the cost of film and processing consumables. In fact, newly designed hygienic sheaths facilitate plate insertion while minimising the risk of cross-contamination. Afterwards, plates are ready for reuse immediately after processing.

A Film-like Workflow with the Benefits of Digital: Imaging plate technology provides many practitioners with a better compromise between film workflow and digital benefits. With its similar handling to analogue film, the CS 7200 offers a smoother transition to digital. The system is a great solution for renewing or transitioning to digital equipment, which means limited training and less of a learning curve when making the switch.

User-Friendly Operation: Operating the new CS 7200 is easy and user-friendly. With the new direct acquisition, an image appears directly in the opened imaging software, with no need to handle any acquisition interface or manipulate a mouse. To avoid the risk of human error and lost images, the unit doesn’t process a plate if the plate is oriented upside down.

Cost-Effective and Compact: The compact and space-saving design—just 13 cm wide—and quiet operation of the CS 7200 is perfect for chairside use or small practices. Not only that, its affordable price, reliability and ease of maintenance make it a cost-effective digital imaging solution with no compromise on quality.

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Designed for maximum simplicity, the CS 7200 lets you expose, scan and view. Images open on your computer screen, and the plate automatically erases when you’re finished. You can capture images, scan plates and review images—all from the dental chair.

  • Features a compact design
  • Connects via USB
  • Provides a quiet scanning process
  • Covers periapical, bitewing and pediatric exams with three plate sizes: 0, 1 and 2

Our Price Includes.

  • VAT
  • Delivery & Installation.
  • Full 2 Year Warranty.
  • Software & Licencing

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CS7200 IO Xray System

Thin & Flexible Plate


Cable Free


Easy Work Flow, just like film


Scan in the Cs7200


& view on your computer screen!

Digital Xray on Screen 360 Visualise
  • Outstanding image quality in seconds

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  • True resolution of up to 17 lp/mm

  • Film-like workflow requires minimal training

  • The thin, flexible plates come in sizes similar to film

  • No cable—enhance patient comfort

  • Wide exposure range designed to prevent over- or under-exposure.

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