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Surgical Video Micropscope Light


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Clincial & Educational

To Improve the visibility of the work to be done in the mouth , including search for small details, is a daily reality in the dental practice. Acts such as root canal treatment leads your eyes to a concentration on a very reduced field, causing , in addition to the difficulty to see , an eye fatigue that should not be overlooked . Technical protocols increasingly require an even more increasing accuracy. This is why the use of the operating microscope has found its place in dental cabinets.

Driven by a desire to push away the boundaries of technology, EKLER has designed a new generation of microscope. A unique product , a versatile product with performance ever seen, ELIO HDM ‘s mission is to provide practitioners with a particularly valuable assistance in the implementation of dental and periodontal acts. ELIO HDM not only improves visibility but it also improves your working comfort . With its 60x zoom and its Full HD picture ELIO HDM allows to observe every detail in full screen. Never a conventional microscope has achieved such a performance.

ELIO offers you the possibility of setting up your demostrations in a very simple way. You can, for instance, broadcast your live interventions from your unit of care on a screen or on a video projector in a training room whether located on site or all around the world.

In universities ELIO belongs to the most up to date educational tools.

While it is impossible to show to a group of students the extraction of a molar for example, everything becomes possible with ELIO. The practical presentation can be broadcasted live in a lecture hall where students can attend the live class and discover up to the slightest details.

Film and edit your movies

Elio is the unique and the essential dental tool for recording your interventions. By means of the video converter ELIO can be linked to a computer PC or Mac. The video sequences are stored in readable sizes by all kind of video equipment.The user can edit, add text, sound and use his movies in a purpose of training, communication and others.

Design and Light
A design which goes beyond the style

Gathering perfectly the ergonomics and the performances, this original set can be installed in the place of any other lighting and on any kind of equipment. ELIO offers multiple advantages with regard to the conventional lightings with halogen bulbs or LED. ELIO is not only a very successful dental lighting but also a real communications tool.The integrated, very high-resolution camera and its autofocus, allows you all the time and without additional manipulation to communicate with your patient, your colleagues or your partners. Without heat and noiselessly, the head ELIO is completely tight for an optimal asepsis.By simple rotation you can obtain all the possible positions on three axes. The removable handles can be positioned according to the operator position.

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