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Ergonomic design – the perfect balance of size & weight Superior speed & accuracy Fully integrated colour scanning for natural colors Simple plug-and-play solution. Scan at multiple workstations Autoclavable tip & seamless design for impeccable infection control Active anti-fog feature on the tip of the scanner USB-3 connection Open STL format

Dr Walter Renne

An Associate Professor in the Department of Oral Rehabilitation and Restorative Dentistry at the Medical University of South Carolina. Hear what he has to say about his experiences using our products, including first impressions of the new Planmeca Emerald™intraoral scanner!

Planmeca CADCAM Solutions

Planmeca Emerald™

The brand new intraoral scanner Planmeca Emerald™ is a small, lightweight, and exceedingly fast scanner with superior accuracy. Taking digital impressions has never been as easy. It is the perfect tool for smooth and efficient chairside workflow.

  • Small, lightweight and ergonomic design. Convenient to use

Real-time, powder-free, quick scanning


Smart two button function, no need to touch the computer while scanning patients


Red, green, and blue laser technology with projected pattern triangulation guarantee accurate 3D models

Superior accuracy with outstanding speed

Scanning is extremely fast and easy making the experience comfortable for the patient and doctor alike. The accuracy of the impressions meets the most demanding imaging needs with a fully integrated colour scanning option.

Small and lightweight design

The lightweight structure and user-friendly form of the scanner ensure optimal ergonomics. With the active antifog feature of the scanner’s tip mirror, visibility is always clear. The compact size and seamless design of the scanner guarantee a great patient experience.

Exceptional ease-of-use

The Planmeca Emerald makes workdays smooth and efficient with fast and accurate digital impressions. Easy and simple plug-and-play solution. The scanner is compatible with Planmeca Romexis® andPlanmeca PlanCAD® Easy software suites.

Impeccable infection control

Impeccable infection control is guaranteed with the autoclavable tip and seamless design of the scanner. The dental unit integration enables hands-free operation with the foot control.

Brilliant colour like no other – Planmeca Emerald™

Emerald outshines the rest with 3-laser, full-spectrum rapid scanning that captures amazing life-like scans of the oral environment so fast you have to see it to believe it. Planmeca Emerald is incredibly accurate, capable of capturing every detail of the oral environment. The scanner’s USB 3.0 portable plug-and-play connectivity allows using Planmeca Emerald on multiple workstations.

Scanner features

  • Small, lightweight and ergonomic design – convenient to use
  • Real-time, powder-free, quick scanning
  • Smart two button function, no need to touch the computer while scanning patients
  • Red, green, and blue laser technology with projected pattern triangulation guarantee accurate 3D models
  • Interlock connection on the scanner’s side for easy cable replacement
  • No moving parts inside the scanner except a fan for cooling – no focal calibration needed
  • The scanner can be used as a standalone or integrated into a Planmeca dental unit or simulation unit
  • Actively heated tip guarantees non-fogging in intraoral use

Software features

  • The scanning module allows 3D models to be trimmed and edited and their margins marked
  • Planmeca PlanCAD® Easy for scanning and designing in Planmeca Romexis® software version 4.6.2.R or later
  • Support for open STL and PLY file formats
  • Scans and collects 3D data intraorally, impressions and models
  • Fast surface recognition – easy to let patients rest and then continue
  • The scanner works with laptop PCs for easy sharing

Emerald Full Arch Scanning

Planmeca Emerald Color Balancer

 Planmeca Emerald Tip Connection

Emerald Cable Connection

Emerald Overview

Emerald Restorative Scanning

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