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Thank you for your interest in SMART Guide. To get you and your practice registered please complete the registration form below.

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The dicomLAB Dental Ltd. possesses a data management report that is available on the following website: https://www.dicomlab.com/SMART_Guide/en/privacy-policies/. Upon signing this document I declare that I have got to know and have accepted the Privacy Policies of dicomLAB Dental Ltd.

I accept and allow 360 Visualise to forward my data (name, seat) to dicomLAB Dental Ltd. and dicomLAB Dental Ltd. to store them. Furthermore, I allow 360 Visualise to get to know the services and actions I required in the Cloud system of dicomLAB Dental Ltd.


I accept that dicomLAB Ltd. would send marketing newsletter to me based on the Privacy Policies through the provided contacts till the withdrawal of my consent. I may withdraw my consent at any time with a statement addressed to the help-desk of dicomLAB Ltd. My details will not be shared with any 3rd parties without my prior consent



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