Flexible modular system

SMART Guide makes guided surgery fit into the everyday clinical routine

The SMART navigated implant placement system

Plan your own case or let one of our dentists plan your case. We prepare the images of the case, design and produce the guides for you in a centralised, standardised, quality-controlled way by default.

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November Awareness Event Agenda

  • Professional background of Endre
  • Current dilemmas in navigated implantology
  • SMART Guide technology & workflow
  • How to join
  • Future events & further educationGuided technology in implantology results in higher accuracy, lower risk, less chair-time, long-term prosthetic success and therefore higher patient satisfaction. 

    However, the procedure of guided surgery is often long, complicated and costly, therefore, most dentists still place their implants freehand. The vision is to make guided surgery a global standard thus we need to make it easily available and usable for implantologists and even GPs. 

    With this in mind SMART Guide has been created to be simple, comfortable, stress-free, helping implantologists focus exclusively on their professional work. This is why it is the first guided surgery system that truly fits into the everyday clinical routine.

    It is an A to Z guided solution with all elements and services allowing doctors:

    • Simplified imaging method (no plaster model, no technician work needed)
    • Default online services (image processing, guide design, no physical data transfer e.g. CD)
    • User friendly software, only for the surgical plan, with integrated pre-plan services if requested
    • Option for pilot/partial/full guidance
    • Implant company independent
    • Professional, controlled production
    • Detailed education program and certification

    The workflow is fully digital, and we have a comprehensive educational system including webinars, an E-learning programme, awareness events and certification courses where future users learn to use the system comfortably. With our Global Service Centre we offer our services in a standardised, centralised, quality controlled way regardless of the geographical location of our clients.


    2 Hour Detailed Presentation given by visiting Dentist Dr. Varga Endre. There is no charge for the event and 360 Visualise will donate £10 to the Maini Family's JustGiving Page dedicated to our friend Anoop. 2 Choices of dates. 7:30pm on the 14th of November at Abdul Dalghous's beautiful practice "The Yorkshire Dental Suite" in Leeds 9:00 on the 15th of November at 360 Visualise Head Office. Ilkley.

Why do we love SMART guide?

  • Less than 5 minutes computer time
  • Full Clinical Support from Dentists
  • Chose your own level from fully planned to complete autonomy
  • Pre-planned service available
  • Fast turn around
  • Complete online system
  • Completely universal
  • All planning starts with Dicom from CBCT

Chose from Pilot Guide, to SMART guide kit, to Manufactures Kit


  • Single use drills with each and every surgical guide
  • Site preparation up to 2 mm width
  • Apical stop
  • Works with all implant brands


  • Works with SMART Guide Universal Kit
  • Site preparation up to 3.5 mm width
  • Apical stop
  • Fixation pins
  • Works with all implant brands


  • Design around your existing system
  • Give flexibility on implant choice
  • Use your original investment
  • Great value

SMART Guide Universal Kit:

 One-handed surgical kit available soon – no spoons!


Start drills

first step for accuracy


fixation line

for a better fixation


depth control

to remeasure your apical accuracy



3 length and 4 diameters with colour code



to guide you in all diameters

Smart Cloud

useful information for all individual cases at your fingertips


Patient management platform

Automatically registered cases
Real-time status feedback on your orders


Case documentation

Automatic snapshots


Useful features helping your Surgery

Surgical protocols


No plaster cast, no dental technician work needed

Simplified imaging method

Fewest Software clicks

CBCT Scan of patient & impression

Data transfer via SMART Cloud

Predictable guide arrival

Track the entire workflow online

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