• 360 Visualise have installed more Carestream CBCTs in the UK than any other company
  • Unlike many other consumable companies 360 Visualise employ specially trained dental nurses to train and support you and your team, with a full days clinical and applications training included in our package.
  • We provide ongoing clinical and software and hardware support. Imagine calling the consumables company hotline and trying to get through to the right person when a windows update knocks your scanner off your network!
  • We include the 360 Cloud as part of your package, this gives you access to our GDPR compliant cloud to help you share your scans with your referring dentists. 100% security.
  • We will make and produce professional personalised literature to help you explain to your patients just how important their CBCT scan is to their treatment plan.
  • We keep these machines in stock and can install quickly and efficiently. No long waits or false promises
  • 360 Visualise will work with your RPA, Building contractor and electrician to ensure a safe CQC compliant installation.
  • Turn key solution: If required 360 Visualise can manage all parts of the installation, from building preparation, leaded door manufacture, installation and electrics

Fully Customised Practice Video

Supplying so many CBCT units over the past 10 years has given us a huge wealth of experience in planning, installing and training this fantastic technology. Something else it has given us is the knowledge and the materials to help you use the images the machine generates to help you communicate and develop treatments plans for your patients.

We will also provide for you a marketing video for your website and social media. This custom made video will come with a professional custom voice over & animated logo idents.

Only from 360 Visualise

Help Generating Scans from local Dentists

Many of our customers want to use their CBCT machines to attract referrals from other local dentist practices. To help them achieve this design and produce fully customised brochures.

We have 2 styles, a professional version to help attract referring dentists and also a style designed to help explain to the patient the benefits of a CBCT scan.

The design setup and print costs for these brochures would normally be in-excess of £1000.

However this is included as part of our installation package.

Only from 360 Visualise

Share Scans with Referring Dentists

Once you’ve brought you local referring dentists on board, you’ll want to share their scans with them. In the past referral centres have given their patients the scans on a disk.

What we’ve learned is that this can be time consuming and inefficient. With our web developers we’ve created a fully GDPR compliant cloud, which you can use to share your scans with your referring clients

Usually £45.00 Per Month. The 360 Cloud is free for the 1st 3 months* Only available with the purchase of a new CBCT machine. T&Cs apply.

Only from 360 Visualise

360 Visualise have never been beaten on price or service!