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Full Featured, High Resolution CBCT with Multiple Fields of View Fully Installed For £600 Per Month Including VAT. Only From 360 Visualise. Call 01943 601222 for more info.



Want to learn more about guided surgery?
360 Visualise are proud sponsors of the Blue Sky Bio Academy


For anyone brand new to these two programs, this is a great place to start. This is a hands-on course that walks through using Meshmixer to do a simple 1-3 tooth digital wax-up and using Blue Sky Plan to plan out implants and make a surgical guide off those digitally set teeth.

– Configure Meshmixer for tooth set-ups
– Bring STL files into Meshmixer
– Use the free Christian Brenes tooth library to set teeth diagnostically
– Prepare a model for 3D printing
– Discuss basic printing techniques
– Importing DICOM and STL files into Blue Sky Plan
– Planning implants
– Fabricating surgical guides


For 1-3 units, the workflow is very straightforward and easy, but many want to do more than the software can do. Meshmixer has been used by many to push Blue Sky Plan to its limits. While there are patents that prevent certain designs you are allowed to make (e.g. stackable guides), we will cover other techniques to handle full arch cases.

– Know the right diagnostic information needed in Blue Sky Plan
– Fabricate a full arch guide in Blue Sky Plan
– Use Meshmixer to virtually wax a full arch prosthesis (interim hybrid)
– Edit the guide in Meshmixer to provide guided bone reduction


  • February 2019 Belfast: Friday 8th & Saturday 9th
  • March 2019 Harrogate: Friday 15th & Saturday 16th
  • September 2019 Scotland: Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd
  • November 2019 Belfast: Friday 22nd & Saturday 23rd

Proudly Sponsored by 360 Visualise

David lectures both nationally and internationally on the digital and laboratory aspects of implant dentistry. He is the director of Smile Designs Dental Laboratory, a private boutique laboratory focused on high-quality crown, bridge and implant restorations.

Course Director: David Veige

DD, BDS, MJDF (RCS Eng.) MSc. Implant Dentistry

Originally from Toronto Ontario, Canada, David qualified firstly as a dental technician and then as a dentist from the University of Newcastle with a distinction in academic dentistry and the top restorative dentistry prize. He was shortlisted for the Young Dentist of the Year UK at The Dentistry Awards in 2009 and has been awarded membership to the Royal College of Surgeons Joint Dental Faculty by way of examination. ?He graduated with merit from the University of Warwick with a MSc. degree in Implant Dentistry. He is currently studying a MClinDent at King’s College, London in fixed and removable prosthodontics. He is a member of the ITI (International Team for Implantology) and ADI an organization focused on advancing the science of implant dentistry. David’s practice is limited to implant and advanced restorative dentistry.

360 Visualise your 3D partner

Low Rate Finance For Up-to 7 Years

Our Low rate finance can help your business purchase anything from an intra oral Xray generator to a full CBCT & CAD CAM milling system.

Lifetime support from 360 Visualise

360 Visualise is the only supplier in the UK to use this technology day in day.
We carry out over 3,000 CBCT scans in our centres every year. Who is better placed to support your digital dentistry?

Guided Surgery & CAD CAM Systems

If you are looking to purchase your CBCT to help you place your implants more efficiently and more safely, the knowledge we’ve picked up in the past few years from our close network of Dentists is invaluable.

Use your CBCT to scan models and impressions to create 3D digital models

Comparative studies of the suitability and accuracy of DVTs and 3D scanners for model digitisation: Is it possible in practice to digitize plaster models using DVT instead of 3D scanners? What are the differences between the images produced by various 3D scanners and DVTs? Are 3D scanners more accurate than DVT devices?

Conclusions of the paper

  • DVT devices are suitable in principle for the digitization of plaster models.
  • The accuracy level of 3D scanners was not achieved by any of the investigated DVT devices; however, the deviation is relatively small (0.046 mm).
  • There were greater differences in the scan accuracy between the DVT devices than between the 3D scanners. (Carestream CS8100 3D came out as by far the most accurate)
  • A DVT device with special software for plaster models performed best.
  • Due to measurement deviations of <0.07 mm, digitization with DVT should play a subordinate role compared to 3D scanners for the long-term archiving of plaster models. However, each orthodontist should decide individually whether these deviations are acceptable.

Proud Sponsors of the IDDA Podcast

What is the IDDA?

The most prominent worldwide digital dentists, technicians and auxiliaries have come together to bring this association to every dentist, helping to support and advice in all things digital in the field of dentistry. The International Digital Dental Academy is dedicated to providing the dental profession with continuing education and the public with a greater understanding of the benefits of the field of rapidly growing technical improvements. The IDDA was founded in 2018 as a professional, non-profit making organisation, and has quickly developed into one of the largest dental bodies in the UK with over 5500 active members in the facebook group of DDA.

Welcome to the very first episode of the International Digital Dentistry Podcast. Recorded live in-between lectures at the Digital Dentistry Show in Manchester England. Adam Nulty, Patrick Zachrisson, & Chris Lefkaditis sit down with Pete Donnelly to discuss what the IDDA means to them and what they hope this exciting new community can achieve. The IDDA Podcast is sponsored by 360 Visualise. “Helping you avoid implant nightmares!”

In this second IDDA podcast Adam, Patrick and Chris Discuss the upcoming DDA 3D printer party at Nimro Dental in London. They talk all aspects of 3D printing from materials through to applications.

The IDDA Podcast is sponsored by 360 Visualise. “Helping you avoid implant nightmares!”

Friday, March 23 from the 3D Printer Party at Nimro Dental in London. Chris, Patrik & Adam take 10 minutes from the busy schedule to have a quick conversation with their very special guest. All the way from Los Angeles Dr August De de Oliveira.

Digital Imaging in 2019 is all about intuitive, clever, easy to use, open software.


Prothetic Diental Implant Planning Software


Intuitive, accurate nerve tracing tool


Full digital implant library


Done density comparison tool


Simple to navigate cross sectional imaging


Open Dicom lets you export to any guided surgery package


Easy to navigate MPR viewing software


Free export and viewing software

What our customer say

”I would like to thank the 360 Visualise team for making my vision of delivering world class dentistry to my patients referred to our secondary referral clinic possible. The 8100 CBCT Scanner has offered the best possible implant, prosthodontic, endodontic and surgical diagnostic tool available. Peter, Emma and everybody else at the 360 team have been amazing in terms of setting up, staff and dentist training but also prompt maintenance whenever needed. The team is also educating my referring dentist to operate the user friendly software initially at no extra cost. A radiologist is always available to provide detailed report should ever be needed.? I could not ask for anything more. Top class service and care.”
Vyron TsivosThe Square Isle of Man

I bought my CS8100 3D form 360 Visualise. My wife is CT radiographer and while choosing our scanner we knew we needed a machine capable of low dose scanning. I looked at a lot different scanners at a lot of different price points. Among the reasons I’m so happy I bought my scanner from 360 Visualise is the software is constantly being updated and the functionality is always being increased. I was impressed by the amount of time taken and the detail the engineers took setting up and calibrating the machine. The image quality and the reliability of the CS8100 is outstanding.

Adam Nulty Dentist on the Rock

3 weeks ago

360 Visualise

Buy One Get One Free Intra Oral Camera Free only from 360 Visualise - mailchi.mp/360v/buy-one-get-one-free-intra-oral-camera-free-only-from-360-visualise ...

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3 weeks ago

360 Visualise

At 360 Visualise we always Pride ourselves on giving you the best value for money and the most attentive service. Out team are proud to look after your practice and make sure you make the most out of the products and services you buy from 360v.

Unlike the some of the more anonymous national companies who are just interested box shifting, we treat each of our customers as an individual and try and get a good understanding of their needs and what it is they are looking to achieve with their equipment.

That said, every October we sit down with our suppliers and try and negotiate some amazing deals to offer our dental friends on Black Friday. This year has been a cracker, we have Buy ONE get ONE free on the CS1200 Camera and the RVG 5200 Size 2 sensor. We’ve managed to buy some fantastic CS7600 Phosphor plate x-ray machines and delivery these and install them for way under half price. You can buy online and pay with a credit card, or if you’d prefer to be invoiced and pay on account, or

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3 weeks ago

360 Visualise

Black Friday Sneak Peak Preview: Amazing Deals on Digital Imaging Equipment with Buy Now Get One Free on Cameras & Digital Xray Systems. - mailchi.mp/360v/black-friday-sneak-peak-preview-amazing-deals-on-digital-imaging-equipment-with-b... ...

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Did you know you can lease an amazing 3D CBCT from 360 Visualise for around £700 Per month?


Planemca ProMax


Available with ProFace Technology


CS8100 SC 3D CBCT with auto tracing fast Ceph


CS8100 3D Full feature CBCT with low dose and STL scanning for ?800 a month

  • Award Winning Technolgy
    • The CS 8100SC 3D delivers outstanding panoramic and cephalometric images for routine diagnostic needs.
    • Low Dose Imaging:?Use the low-dose mode to obtain high-quality 3D images at the same or lower dose as a standard panoramic exam.
    • World’s Fastest Cephalometric Scanning:?Scan images in as little as 3 seconds and reduce the risk of motion blur, all while reducing exposure time.
    • Exclusive Automatic tracing:?Go from ceph images to full tracing in just 90 seconds with our exclusive automatic tracing software.
    • Selectable Fields of View:?Select from three cephalometric fields of view and four 3D fields of view to obtain the ideal image for each individual exam, at the lowest dose.
  • Pan/Ceph, CBCT and 3D Applications
    • A complete range of panoramic programs, including a pediatric program, segmented bitewing, TMJ and maxillary sinus views, to cover all of your routine needs.
    • Five different cephalometric views and three fields of view are ideal for any cephalometric examination, while the exclusive automatic tracing feature saves you and your team valuable time.
    • Whether it is for orthodontics, implants, oral surgery or endodontics, 3D imaging gives you what you need for a faster and more accurate diagnosis.
    • Easily capture third-molar images using the dedicated bite block for third-molar examinations.
    • Use the optional Prosthetic-Driven Implant Planning module to combine surface scans, CBCT scans, virtual crowns and implants for more accurate implant planning and a more effective workflow.
    • Create digital models in minutes with the optional CS Model, an easy-to-use planning software for orthodontic applications.
  • Fits Any Practice

    The CS 8100 3D is designed for accuracy, with a high-frequency X-ray generator, CMOS sensor, and vibration free motion system working together to ensure smooth image capture.

    • Delivers sharp, contrasted images with resolution up to 75 ?m
    • 3D images offer more accurate views of patients? dental anatomies
    • View the area of interest from every angle, with one-to-one accuracy
    • 3D images eliminates overlap and distortion
  • Powerful 3D Imaging
    • The CS 8100 3D offers a selectable FOV ranging from 4 cm x 4 cm to 8 cm x 9 cm. With a maximum FOV of 8 cm x 9 cm, the CS 8100 3D answers the market demand for an 8 cm diameter volume and universal FOV of 5 cm x 5 cm to cover nearly all the clinical needs of a general practitioner. Meanwhile, the 4 cm x 4 cm volume is a dedicated pediatric option that allows practitioners to image younger patients with a very low dose.
  • Overview of Low Dose 3D programs
    • 8 x 9 cm* (15 sec. / 150?m): Dual jaw acquisition ; best for implantology, complex impactions, third molar assessments, surgical guide productions, and other cases involving both dental arches.
    • 8 x 5 cm* (15 sec. / 150?m): Upper or lower jaw acquisition; best for implantology, impactions, third molar assessments, surgical guide productions, and other cases involving one dental arch.
    • 5 x 5 cm* (15 sec. / 150?m or 75?m): Available in both standard and EndoHD mode; best for single implants, impactions, and minor oral surgeries. The EndoHD mode is best for endodontics and applications that require a high level of detail.
    • 4 x 4 cm* (15 sec. / 150?m): Pediatric focused mode; best for pediatric exams and exams that require an extremely low dose. *Also available in Flash Scan mode (7 sec. / 300?m)
  • Intuitive and comprehensive 3D imaging software
    • The CS 8100 3D will include our state-of-the-art CS 3D imaging software to complement the unit?s intuitiveness. The design of the software is based on user feedback. As such, the program makes image review, implant planning, measurements, and image sharing more accessible and enjoyable. In addition, the software is compatible with major third-party imaging software?such as , SMOP, BlueSkyBio, NobelClinicianTM, coDiagnostiX?& SimPlant?,?and features a sophisticated implant planning library.
  • Simplified workflow
    • As we were designing the CS 8100 3D, we kept the importance of usability and training in mind. One of the main concerns users have when considering investing in 3D imaging is the amount of time required to learn the technology. Capitalizing on the success of the CS 8100?s laser-free design, we developed a simplified 3D workflow that requires only 4 steps and ensures users capture the area of interest?so there aren?t any errors and no time is lost.
    • The 3D bite block for the CS 8100 3D has been designed to ensure precise positioning and patient comfort. It is engraved with letter landmarks to create a perfect match between the interface and patient anatomy, allowing the practitioner to define the area of interest chair side. The new angle of the bite plate also promotes comfort when positioning the patient in a prefect horizontal occlusion.
  • Multi Function System
    • In addition to diagnostic imaging, the CS 8100SC 3D allows you to obtain precise digital 3D models for optional applications, including orthodontics, implant planning or CAD/CAM restorations.
    • Slim and elegant, the CS 8100SC 3D fits practically anywhere. At just 1.8 m wide, the unit is one of the smallest cephalometric units and features an open design that is built for comfort.

Why have you been referred for a 3D dental scan and what is involved?

360 Visualise dental imaging centres specialise in the acquisition of dental 3D. Unlike a traditional hospital or medical imaging centre, 360 Visualise centres are beautiful, state-of-the-art facilities. The scan is acquired simply by positioning you in an upright position while the machine spins 360 degrees around your head. Unlike many other technologies, this procedure is safe, non-invasive and uses much less radiation than medical spiral CT. On your arrival, our friendly and attentive staff will spend about two minutes with you explaining the acquisition process. The scan will take around 7-15 seconds. If you like, you can review you 3D scan on our large computer screen. Our appointments average 15 minutes from start to finish.

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